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Find Out What's Weighing You Down, and Let It Go!

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Our Mental Health is more important than we think. When we get bombarded with unnecessary stress and negativity, it tends to weigh down on us and affect our well being. Here is a simple yet effective method that I found that you can use. When you feel like something is bothering you or if something feels off, just stop for a moment, close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose, exhale through our mouth and let go of any perceived problems that is weighing heavy in your thoughts

Repeat this centering exercise three to four times until you feel lighter and less burdened by worry, stress, or obsession. When your space starts to feel lighter, you can ask yourself "Where is this coming from?" or "Am I creating this thought or worry?". You must locate whether this feeling or thought is really relevant for you.  If it is, then it is easier to take some personal responsibility for it. Then you can take some active part in creating a solution to resolve this perceived problem.

Are Your Thoughts Your Own?

Scientific data suggests that somewhere between 80 and 98 percent of the thoughts that are running continuously through our minds are really not ours, but are complex, continuous streaming of the collective mind. There can also be energy or judgement that someone close to you is throwing your way.

Here's How To Let It Go

The solution to your problems, issues or worries will always come to you when you stop forcing a resolution and allow yourself to merge with the flow of wisdom that is always available to you from your own being-ness. When you're feeling the pressure, tell yourself " I am now willing to receive calm, ease and clarity about this issue." In other words, Let It Go!

Keeping Your Mind Healthy

Going forward, allow yourself to just "BE" without negative thinking- whether the source of it is your own mind or the thought and comments of others. Don't engage with energy and thought that be-little your value and self-worth. Practice forgiveness and compassion towards yourself and flow to feel good about your precious, sacred life. Vow to be a source of Light and inspire others. Align with Healing, Honor and Service to others. Smile from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Be willing to laugh at how absurd the mind can be. And remember, whatever it is, you can Let It Go!

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