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Healing By The Phases Of The Moon

Using The Moon Phases for Healing and to Plan Medical Procedures

The moon has such a profound influence that is extremely important to work with it-not against it- when it comes to our physical conditions. That's why the phases of the Moon are something to consider when you are looking into surgeries, medical procedures, and even emotional needs.

Our Ancestors often used almanacs to determine the best time to undergo procedures or treatments-not according to the waxing and the waning of the Moon but also according to which zodiac sign the Moon was in. Some people think of the technique as a superstition, but often the biggest doubters come to believe in these methods once they give them a chance. These skeptics-turned-believers base their trust on their own experiences and encounters, or on conversations with others who can vouch for the advantages of celestial influences.

The general Moon stages and how they relate to the timing of Medical Procedures.

Full Moon

Full moons are not considered a good time to have surgeries or medical procedures, as some people claim that blood reacts to the gravitational pull of the Moon. (Plasma, the liquid portion of blood, is 92 percent water.) You might also want to avoid three to five days before a full moon and three to five days after a full moon, as procedures on theses days could lead to more blood loss and swelling.

Waning Moon

The waning Moon (when it looks like it is diminishing in the sky between its new and full phases) is considered the best phase of the Moon for elective surgery, which is a procedure you can book in advance and is not an emergency. (Keep in mind, however, to avoid those three to five days before and after the full Moon, as was just mentioned.) If you are getting rid of anything in the body, do it under a waning Moon.

Waxing Moon

When the Moon waxes (appears as though it is expanding), it is a good time to get stronger. It is a agreeable time to add to your body. If you are "removing and replacing" (like a joint replacement or a heart valve), do it during a waxing Moon. The same goes for getting breast or dental implants (but again, not too close to a full Moon).

Being aware of how the phases of the Moon can affect your health is a great start, but the Moon phases must ultimately by synced up with the appropriate zodiac signs to get maximum benefit. Your health is everything after all, and anything that helps you prepare and plan for feeling your best is important to take into consideration.

*This information is meant to be a discussion of celestial nature and its effects on health and is not meant to replace medical advice or your relationship to your physician. I share this with you because others have found this information helpful in their own lives over many years, but a consultation with a qualified healthcare professional is always the safest bet if your ailments aren't going away or are getting worse. Better safe than sorry*

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