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How To Heal The Inner Child--Through Reiki Healing

Has anyone ever told you to stop acting like a child? Psychology says, it isn’t unnatural for us to respond like a child in certain situations-- since all of us, adults, have a child within us. Most people may not be aware of it, but it is a part of who we are.

At the surface, it seems pretty harmless to harbor a child within us. But that inner child is not always there to remind us of our fondest childhood memories. Many of us experienced Trauma, Pain, and/or Neglect no matter how healthy and happy our childhood was. It is not limited to those who experienced major traumas like abuse, family breakup, and other tragic events.

A child who never got to express her disappointment when her parents refused to take her to an art competition she wanted to join grew up and still holds on to that defining moment in her life where the one she trusted the most to support her failed her. Unknowingly, this is the reason she doubts herself a lot, and at times that unhealed inner child is causing a strain in her relationship with her parents now as an adult. Even her parents well-meaning advice when it is contrary to her desires only sounds like stones thrown intentionally to make her feel bad. It is that vulnerable wounded inner child acting out, not the reasonable adult that she is now.....

When a child experiences emotional injuries, no matter how minor they may be, wounds are formed and they must be healed. Unfortunately, not all the time do these childhood wounds get the healing they need. Not all the time does a parent or someone is able to take the necessary steps to lessen the damage inflicted by an event or a situation.

When left unaddressed, we carry these on as we grow up and can cause harmful behaviors in adulthood including self-defeat, self-harm, passive-aggressive behavior, and even violence.

Signs that someone has unresolved inner child issues also include (but are not limited to) lack of self-esteem, eating disorders, poor body image, identity problems, rebellious behavior, commitment issues, intimacy problems, general fear of trusting oneself and other people, and even addiction. Through healing the inner child, these feelings and behaviors can be eliminated.

Inner Child Healing Through Reiki Healing

Healing the wounds of our inner child requires meeting its needs -- to be loved and nurtured. But the question is how can we do it? As with everything, it starts within oneself. It can begin with self-care. Meditation can help, talking to your inner child can do wonders, but not everyone knows how to meditate and not everyone is comfortable with talking with an imaginary version of a younger self.

Reiki Healing Sessions provide a relaxed way to reconnect with your inner child and heal childhood traumas that still affects your daily lives, for example, prone to making fear-based choices, exercising self-limiting beliefs, not standing up for yourself when necessary, etc. Reiki allows the loving and healing energy to flow into you and your inner child, and releases trapped negative energies like Fears, Suppressed Emotions, and Worries. By filling your body with safe, pure, and clean healing energy, your inner child gets the love, compassion, and nurture it needs. Doing so will help heal old wounds, allowing you to move forward without the excess baggage of the past that keeps you from living your life to the fullest.

The time to Heal is NOW. Time does not always heal old wounds. It only makes you a little numb for a while, but that hurt inner child will always be there affecting what you think and do without you being aware of it. Let the healing process begin. Start improving your well-being and your relationship with others. It’s better NOW than NEVER.

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