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Six Typical Energy Problems And Self-Help Tips

An aura is a colored emanation surrounding the human body. Your aura is composed of different levels which forms your energy field. Most of us are unaware that it is a storehouse of all negative and positive energies. As we exchange different energies with others on a day-to-day basis, we can store the energies of others and wonder why we may feel "off".

Our human body is composed of 7 energy bodies as shown in the diagram to your right. Starting from the most dense we have the Physical Body, Etheric Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Causal Body, Spiritual Body, and the Divine Body which is the lightest of all. Here are Six typical energy problems that can affect our aura and some self help tips!

1.Rips In The Aura

Often found over areas where extended emotional strain or physical trauma has been stored. This creates significant energy loss and enables negative attachments(psychic vulnerability), which exacerbates energy loss. You may experience emotional and physical pains that are not your own.

Self Help Tip:

Take a Salt Water Bath(Himalayan and Epsom Salt) or thoroughly sweep your aura with a selenite or clear quartz crystal.

2.Cords Of Attachment

Energetic cords between you and another person, place, or object, creates an energy leak which depletes energy from your aura, chakras, and meridians.

Self Help Tip:

Do a "cord cutting" exercise.

3.Energetic Debris

Often felt or sensed as "static" or gritty dirt in the aura or along the body. You can feel this energy is scattered and ungrounded or hampered and stagnant.

Self Help Tip:

Using your hands, wipe the energy off of your body. Flick your hands at the end of each swipe to rid yourself of the energy.

4.Holes In The Aura

Similar to rips in the aura, expect the energy loss and vulnerability to negative influences tend to be much greater. Sensed as a pocket or vortex of energy pouring out.

Self Help Tip:

Sense where the hole is and visualize filling it with pure source of Love and Light, see it being patched up or sewn, then smooth over with divine white light.

5. Stagnant Energy

Energy has backed up and become heavy and dense, it slows down or blocks energy flow. Sensed as a thick, dense or heavy pockets of energy.

Self Help Tip:

Visualize the pocket of dense energy being sucked up and out to Divine light or imagine the ocean flooding into the area dissipating it until its completely dissolved. Finish by sealing it with love and light.

6. Energy Sludge

This feels like thick and sticky black oil or sludge. The energy feels heavy, dense, and extremely sluggish(low energy).

Self Help Tip:

Shake a sacred rattle over the area for a few minutes to break up this energy. Next use a feather to sweep the energy away. You can also do a full Chakra cleansing meditation.

Now that you know of these problems, next time you feel energetically "off" work on getting rid of energy that does not belong within your Aura Field. For extensive help with Aura Cleansing, reach out to me via contact form, or book an appointment for Reiki Energy Healing or Distance Reiki Healing!

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