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Meraki Healing Energy Line of Speciality Candles


 Made with all-natural soy wax, handmade oils, and organic herbal blends

  • Good Luck and Attraction - Will assist in boosting confidence, drawing and attracting desires and workings of all types
  • Prosperity and Abundance- will assist with bringing inspiration and clarity to your thoughts around your earning power, potential, purchases, and budget
  • Love and Healing- will assist with opening of your heart, assist with releasing for trauma and surround your space with healing energy
  • Protection- will assist as an energy protectant, will clear out your space of unwanted, negative energies/vibrations
  • Sex Magic- will bring an immense amount of love, passion, and desire within your space. Excellent for New Moon or Full Moon manifestation rituals and also Sex Magic rituals

Entire Specialty Candle Line

  • Warning labels for candles are located at the bottom of candle. Before lighting your candle, set your inentions. Feel free to write your name on candle

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