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Euphoric Bliss Herbal Blends


This is a hybrid CBD/herbal blend that will assist with anxiety, insomnia, fidgety, and nervousness. This blend was created to calm the mind and nervous system, allowing the body to relax leaving you in a state of peacefulness and joy!


Sex Magic Herbal Blends

This is a hybrid CBD/herbal blend  that awakens your sensual senses. Perfect for intimate and social situations. Has an amazing grounding and centering effect. A pleasure smoke that allows you to embody your sensuality and transform.


Comes with six large rolls in one pack!



Smokable CBD Herbal Blends

SKU: 2900
  • Euphoric Bliss-Other Ingredients include: Eyebright, Blue lotus, rose petals, mugwort, lavender and mullein; 

    Sex Magic-Other Ingredients include: Damiana leaves, rose petals, blackberry leaf, mullein, hibiscus, safflower.

  • Please consult with your medical professional before taking any herbs

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