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Introducing our Yoni Care Package, a sacred offering designed to nurture and honor the divine feminine essence within. Crafted with love and intention, our Yoni Care Package is a holistic approach to supporting the health and well-being of the yoni, the sacred gateway to feminine power and wisdom.


Each carefully curated item in this package is selected to promote balance, vitality, and connection to one's innermost self. From herbal-infused yoni steams and nourishing CBD yoni oils to sacred yoni eggs and crystal wand and guided self-care rituals, our Yoni Care Package offers a sanctuary for women to honor their bodies, reclaim their sensuality, and awaken to the inherent beauty and wisdom of their divine feminine essence.


Embrace the journey of self-discovery and self-love with our Yoni Care Package, and let your inner light shine brightly.


Yoni Care Package

SKU: 4351
  • Choice of two Reiki Infused Yoni Steam

    Reiki Infused Rose Quartz Yoni Egg and Crystal Wand set

    CBD Yoni Oil- 2oz

    Sitz Bath

    Guide to making vaginal steming apart of your self-care

    Two Sacral Chakra Healing Crystals

    Booklet of Womb Healing Prayers and Affirmations

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